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Saving Paper Costs By Reducing The Weight Of The Paper...

Q: Annika has an interesting print project requiring 10,000 lbs. of 80 lb. Basket Paper text. Her client is Picnic in the Park, a new take-out eatery featuring 1940's and '50's-themed specialty sandwiches such as BLT, chicken salad, and meatloaf.

The restaurant loves Annika's idea of using the new Basket Paper for their upcoming direct mail piece. It's an absolutely ideal form of brand imaging for announcing their grand opening in Lincoln Park.

Lately however, the restaurant's advertising manager, Parker, has expressed concerns about the overall cost of the proposed brochure. The newly announced postal rate increases haven't helped matters much, either.

Ingeniously, Annika informs Parker that a simple reduction in the weight of the paper from 80 lb. text to 70 lb. text would solve his cost concerns. Not only would Parker realize substantial savings in mailing costs, but he would also significantly reduce his paper cost.

Just how many pounds of Basket Paper would actually be saved if 70 lb. text were used for this project instead of the 80 lb. text that Annika originally proposed?

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