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Figuring Per Hundred Weight (CWT) Paper Pricing...

Q: Liz has an intriguing graphics project involving Rest, a new wellness spa that’s opening soon in Wicker Park. Closed Loop, an attractive recycled paper, has been selected by Liz for the salon’s stationery and business cards. Closed Loop’s eco-friendly appeal appears well-suited for the spa’s intended target market.

Mario, Liz's client contact at Rest, really seems sold on her design concepts as well as the Closed Loop paper, but would like to seem some cost numbers within the hour before giving the go ahead.

Wouldn't you know it, but Liz’s business partner, Tara, who normally handles the design firm’s project pricing is currently unavailable. Tara is in a big lunch meeting with clients somewhere on Devon Avenue and can’t be reached. So, Liz will just have to calculate not only all the design costs for the identity project, but the paper costs as well.

What’s particularly confusing to Liz is the paper cost per hundred weight or CWT pricing. If Liz has a per hundred weight delivered cost of $162.00/CWT for 4,000 sheets (one carton) of 8-1/2 x 11-14.76 M 75 lb. Closed Loop Text in the color Tamarack, what is the total paper cost for this item?


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