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Estimating The Number Of Pieces You'll Get Out Of A Given Sheet...

Q: Celeste has a fascinating design project involving menus for Tea-rrific!, a trendy tea chain that's planning on opening three new cafes in the Loop. Celeste is working with Gray, who's in charge of the chain's marketing and is overseeing the menu redesign.

Both Celeste and Gray really like Stardream's Emerald, a new green pearlescent color for the menu stock. The color is perfect for subtly promoting the chain's new line of bubbled green teas.

Since she's also handling print production, Celeste must figure out how many full-size sheets of Stardream she'll need to complete the job.

If Celeste needs about 900 menus for all three cafes and each menu is 8-1/2 x 11, how many sheets of 28-3/8 x 40-1/8 105 lb. Emerald Stardream Cover would she need?

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