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Determining Per Hundred Sheet (C) Paper Pricing...

Q: Marisa has an inspiring design project for New Faith, a community church being created in the South Loop. Designed to spread spirituality to a rapidly growing residential section of the downtown, New Faith will be an important part of an innovative mixed-use green development. The church will be located on the ground floor of a former warehouse building that will also include a natural foods retailer, a holistic healthcare center, and condos partially powered by solar energy.

Pastor Paul, New Faith’s founder, became quite excited when Marisa showed him Stripes as the proposed cover stock for the church directory. Although happy about the pastor’s feedback, Marisa is perplexed about how she’s going to calculate her paper costs.

New Faith’s publications director, Peter, gave Marisa per hundred sheet (C) pricing on Stripes. Marisa admittedly has no clue when it comes to this type of pricing, but must have the total project costs delivered to Peter by Friday.

If Marisa has a per hundred sheet delivered cost of $ 372.00/C and she needs 312 sheets of 27 x 39 115 lb. White Stripes cover, what is the total paper cost for this item?

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