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Calculating Per Thousand Sheet (M) Paper Pricing...

Q: Erika has a captivating print project for SKYoga, a new yoga studio concept being developed initially for O’Hare International Airport. Designed to appeal to delayed airline passengers who need to unwind, SKYoga’s founder, Amelia, is thrilled by Erika’s suggestion to use Touche’ Cover for a direct mail piece.

Touche’s soft matte finish creates a sensual “feelability” that’s just right for promoting SKYoga’s relaxing sessions. Next week, Erika is scheduled to present Amelia and her business partner Will with several design options as well as the paper cost.

Erika wants to make sure her paper pricing is accurate, but isn't sure about calculating paper costs when it comes to per thousand sheet (M) costs. If Erika received a per thousand sheet delivered cost of $ 1,351.00/M for 225 sheets (one carton) of 40 x 26- 492 M 12 pt. Touche’ Cover in the color Sage, what is the total paper cost for this item?


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