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The Paper That Captures Your Best Artistic Intentions!

As a designer, you’re always concerned about dimensions. Maybe it’s the overall size of a printed piece. Or it’s the sheet size your printer says they need. Dimensions don’t mean much, however, if your client hasn't warmed up to the paper you've selected. Choose Dimensions, the uniquely reflective cover, and your creative energies can be applied to more important project details — like design.

With six shimmering colors, Dimensions offers you unlimited design possibilities. And no matter what graphic challenges you're facing, Dimensions can handle it – from moisture and stain resistance to die cutting and folding. So to avoid any “dimensional dissonance” with your client, just be sure to demand Dimensions!


Caliper 13 pt. Cover

Sheet Size 23 x 35

Sheets/Carton 175 Sheets

Colors Brilliant Blue, Copper, Indigo Majik, Onyx, Purplehaze, Silver

Other 10% To 50% Recycled, Elemental Chlorine-Free (ECF)

Shown on 13 pt. Silver Dimensions Cover.


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