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Paper Valentine    

Are you still looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right?

Do you wish your relationship was just a little more intimate?

Does the very thought of sending a gift to someone you really like, but just started seeing, wig you out?

If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, then why not create your own Valentine's Day card?

Candy and flowers are nice but nothing says February 14 better than a good, old-fashioned Valentine's Day card. There's just something special about getting the mail, opening up that envelope, and getting a lovey dovey Valentines card from someone you love. Think about it: Do you know anyone who doesn't like receiving a Valentines card? You can't come up with anyone, can you? That's because everyone loves a Valentines card! They're fun, friendly, and financially speaking, rather cost effective, too.

Now, store bought cards are great, but if you're really trying to impress your sweetheart, isn't it about time you made your own Valentines card? Remember: You used to make lots of Valentines cards from Kindergarten through fifth grade. Hey, we're not asking you to be a Mr. or Mrs. Hallmark. We're talking one card. But, you do have to have a little bit of Martha Stewart in you to complete this project. So, if you're ready to make your sweetheart's heart pitter patter, let's begin!


1) One sheet of 8-1/2" x 11" 24 lb. white text paper (or something close).

2) One sheet of 8-1/2" x 11" 65 lb. red cover paper.

3) Scissors.

4) Paste or glue (Elmer's, etc.).

5) Safety pin.

6) Photo of you and/or your beloved (black & white may look cooler than color).

7) Ribbon (optional).


This Paper Play Project is vintage Valentine's: Classic colors & shapes plus a nice personalized touch with a photograph...

1) Fold the white piece of paper into quarters.

2) Cut out different shapes like hearts, diamonds, and triangles along the folded edges.

3) Cut out decorative wavy edges along the other two sides.

4) Fold the paper two more times and make additional design cut outs.

5) Unfold the paper and prick holes around the designs using the safety pin.

6) Paste the white paper onto the red paper.

7) Paste the photo in the middle of the card. Take a bow, you've just created your very own Valentine's Day card!


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