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Neon Posterboard: Don't Be Frightened To Use Paper That's Brightened!

Did you know that your latest printed pieces may be haunted by an increasingly horrifying condition known as Bright Fright? A bewitching artistic affliction primarily linked to anyone over the age of ten, Bright Fright involves a deeply rooted psychological fear of using brightly colored papers. As grave as this diagnosis may appear, almost instant relief is possible if you use Neon Posterboard.

Like candy on Halloween, you'll find that after just one use of Neon Posterboard, your fears of using bright paper will quickly disappear. No longer will you be a scaredy cat when it comes to brightening up your designs. And, with the possible exception of too much success, there are no harmful side effects once you treat yourself to some Neon Posterboard. So, the next time you're feeling a little Bright Fright, don't be scared. Just be sure to use some Neon Posterboard!

Neon Posterboard

Caliper 10 pt.

Sheet Sizes 8-1/2 x 11, 22 x 28

Sheets/Carton Variable

Fluorescent Colors Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

Shown on 10 pt. Fluorescent Orange C2S Neon Posterboard.


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