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Wyndstone Cast Coated Cover: No Tricks When You Treat Yourself To This Paper!

Business is tricky enough these days without worrying about which paper you'll use for your next print project. So why not take the scariness out of your future paper decisions by treating yourself to some Wyndstone Cast Coated Cover?

With its gleaming gloss and superior smoothness, Wyndstone Cast Coated Cover looks as appealing as any Halloween treat. But, you don't have to risk overindulging, since you can order any sheet quantity you want. And if that isn't sweet enough, you can even select from seventeen tempting colors.

If you're going batty when it comes to choosing paper, just remember that you'll spook your competition by using Wyndstone Cast Coated Cover. It's the sweet treat that can't be beat!

Wyndstone Cast Coated Cover

Weight 92.5 lb. Cover

Sheet Size 39-3/8 x 27-1/2

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Black, Blue, Buff, Burgundy, Dark Gray, Light Brown, Marigold, Midnight Blue, Orange, Pale Blue, Pale Gray, Red, Rose, Turquoise, Ultramarine, White, Yellow

Shown on 92.5 lb. Orange Wyndstone Cast Coated Cover.


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