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Mirror: No Need To Lose Your Head Over Scary Paper Decisions!

Anyone who says they've never been afraid to use a paper in new ways is either shading the truth or has cobwebs clouding their brain. Certainly, the mere thought of using papers differently can be frightening. A horrible paper experience can haunt you for what seems like forever. Fortunately, there's nothing to fear if you use a trusted paper like Mirror.

Besides eliminating fears, Mirror reflects your design ideas clearly. In fact, Mirror's reflective quality is so good, even the Headless Horseman would be spooked if he saw himself in the Mirror. A C1S stock available in ten shimmering colors, Mirror is sure to make your next design project delightful, not dreadful!


Calipers 4 pt., 12 pt.

Sizes 19-5/8 x 27-1/2, 39-3/8 x 27-1/2

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Black, Blue, Copper, Fuchsia, Gold, Green, Gunmetal, Purple, Red, Silver

Shown on 12 pt. Black Mirror.


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