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Coat of Arms: Don't Be Spooked By Witch Paper You Choose!

A scary thought: the paper you picked performs frightfully at press time. Your clients have this horrified look on their faces that suggests terror. You feel terrible-terribly scared.

The next time a design project has nightmare written all over it, relax and think of Coat of Arms cover stock. There's no need to be afraid since this paper is good looking, affordable, and quite printable. Instead of tricking yourself or your clients, treat yourselves with Coat of Arms.

Coat of Arms

Weights 65 lb. Cover, 80 lb. Cover

Sheet Sizes 8 ½ x 11, 23 x 35, 26 x 40

Sheets/Carton Variable

Recycled 20% Post-Consumer Waste

Colors Beige, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Gray, Ivory, Scarlet, White, Soft White, Yellow

Other Acid-Free, Antique Finish, Matching Text & Envelopes

Shown on 80 lb. Black Coat of Arms Cover.


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