Johnson Paper

Brown Bag

Like Thanksgiving Leftovers, This Paper’s Too Good To Pass Up!

No matter how stuffed you may feel right after your family’s big Thanksgiving Day feast, there’s nothing quite like that quintessential American tradition of nibbling on the glorious leftovers later. Who doesn’t have room for just one more piece of Aunt Irene’s pumpkin pie?

Another tradition-in-the-making may be Brown Bag, the new recycled text and envelope line. Thanks to its natural look and feel, Brown Bag makes all your correspondence look just as warm and inviting as that last delicious piece of pie. So the next time you’d like a paper that’s classic, and tasteful, just Brown Bag it!

Brown Bag

Weight 70 lb. Text

Sheet Sizes 8-1/2 x 11, 23 x 35

Sheets/Carton Variable

Color Brown

Recycled 100% / 20% Post-Consumer Waste

Other Inkjet/Laser Compatible, Matching Envelopes, Made in USA

Shown on 70 lb. Brown Bag Text.


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