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No Debating This Paper’s Print Popularity!

Whether it’s paper or politics, image is indeed everything. The most popular papers, like winning candidates, project a natural aura of attractiveness, capability, and values. With paper, you can’t afford to beat around the bush when it comes to a printing crisis nor get carried away with style over substance. You need a paper that not only looks good, but performs well under pressure. So, which paper can you trust?

Glitter cover stock is truly the ideal paper to endorse for your next client’s design campaign. Besides looking classy, Glitter’s unique fiber strength will earn your vote of confidence thanks to its inspiring inkjet and laser printability. Just let Glitter be your winning ticket to your client’s office and you may even get to the oval office yourself!


Weight 65 lb. Cover

Sheet Sizes 8-1/2 x 11, 12 x 12, 24-1/4 x 36-1/2

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Black, Blue, Green, Red, White

Other Acid-Free, Inkjet/Laser Compatible, Lignin-Free

Shown on 65 lb. White Glitter Cover.


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