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Duplex: Cast Your Vote For Both Sides!

No matter which presidential candidate you're thinking about voting for on November 7, it's not an easy choice. Selecting just the right paper stock can be difficult too. Like choosing a president, everyone wants to pick the best paper for the job. My fellow Americans, that paper is Duplex!

Your winning ticket to success should always include Duplex. A paper that's not too taxing on the budget, Duplex stretches your design dollars by doubling your color possibilities. And best of all, Duplex is a paper whose performance you can trust. Because, if you can't trust your paper to do the job, how can your client trust you? Vote Duplex and you've elected a paper that will make you proud!


Weight 80 lb. Cover

Sizes 23 x 35, 26 x 40

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Blue/White, Green/Natural

Recycled 30% Post-Consumer Waste

Other Matching Envelopes, Text, Writing

Shown on 80 lb. Blue/White Duplex Cover.


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