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Stardream: Star Light, Star Bright, Here's A Paper That Is Just Right!

If you do all the "wish I may and wish I might" stuff, there's a chance your dreams will come true. But, why take chances? When wishing for design success, dreaming is fine when it comes to creative concepts. However, when you're choosing paper stock, wishful thinking usually won't work. You need paper like Stardream, the new metallic and pearlescent C2S text and cover that leaves nothing to chance and makes dreams come true, too.

Stardream lets you reach for the stars with ten celestial colors that are perfect for anything from annual reports and greeting cards to gift bags and other packaging needs. Easily printable in any number of ways, Stardream is truly the paper that dreams are made of!


Weights: 81 lb. Text, 105 lb. Cover

Sheet Size: 28-3/8 x 40-1/8

Sheets/Carton: Variable

Colors: Anthracite (grey), Antique gold, Bronze, Citrine, Copper, Emerald, Gold, Lapislazuli, Malachite (teal), Mars, Opal (cream), Quartz (white), Ruby, Sapphire, Silver


Other: Elemental Chlorine-Free (ECF)

Shown on 105 lb. Gold Stardream Cover.


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