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Duplex Text Paper That’s So Doubly Cool!

Usually, there’s two sides to every story. Ever since the advent of the phrase “he said, she said,” it’s pretty obvious that perspective, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. With the new Dual duplex text and cover line, however, no matter what side you’re coming from, it’s clear that beauty knows no bounds!

In fact, depending on which side you prefer, Dual’s unique story can be told in two ways. First, Dual’s five color combinations double your design options for fly sheets, stationery, envelopes, greeting cards, and packaging. Secondly, Dual’s never been seen by anyone (at least not yet), so what are you waiting for? With Dual, choosing sides has never been so easy!

Dual Text Weight Discontinued
Weights 81 lb. Text, 105 lb. Cover

Sheet Size 28-3/8 x 40-1/8

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Bronze/Citrine, Copper/Opal, Lapis/Silver, Mars/Gold, Onyx/Quartz

Other Laser Compatible, Matching Envelopes

Shown on 81 lb. Lapis/Silver Dual Duplex Text.


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