Johnson Paper


Paper That Helps Your Business Rebound & Score!

You’re up against the clock and time’s running out on your next design proposal. With the competition putting on a maddening full court press, choosing paper at the last minute may make you feel like a basket case. When there’s only enough time for your best shot, team up with Hoop basketball cover and duplex.

If you’re tired of jumping through hoops trying to find the right paper, why not stop dribbling around and try out Hoop paper? Your clients will cheer Hoop’s rugged finish and scoring ability. Just add some Hoop to your design game and winning new business will be a slam dunk!


Calipers 15 pt. Cover & 21 pt. Duplex

Sheet Sizes 35 x 23, 40 x 26

Sheets/Carton 50 Sheets

Color Brown

Other Recycled

Shown on 21pt. Brown Hoop Duplex.


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