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Use It & Get All The Benefits Of A Good Night's Sleep!

Can using a paper like Benefit really help you sleep better? Most certainly! Now we're not sleep disorder experts by any means, but we do know that you'll sleep more soundly once you start enjoying all the comforts of the Benefit text and cover line.

If you've ever spent a sleepless night having nightmares about your latest paper choice, Benefit will definitely help you rest easy. You'll make all your design dreams come true with Benefit's dreamy color palette as well as a finish that's as smooth as your bed sheets. Sweet paper dreams!

Benefit Discontinued

Weights 24 lb. Writing, 70 & 80 lb. Text, 80 & 100 lb. Cover

Sheet Sizes Variable

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Blue Yonder, Cream Puff, Fade To Black, Flint Softwhite, Flint White, Grey Matters, In The Buff, Mud Mask, Natural Flax, Raisin Cane, Red Rover, Skinny Latté, Snow Day, Sour Apple, White

Other Acid-Free, Assorted Finishes, Process Chlorine-Free (PCF), Recycled (35% Post-Consumer Waste)

Shown on 80 lb. Sour Apple Benefit Cover.


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