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Welcome to our first PaperView!

Created as a companion to our Paper PostCards, PaperView is a quarterly newsletter designed to preview the latest innovative paper products, especially writing and text grades.Aside from featuring a variety of exciting papers, we hope you'll gain some insight into some of the people, places and particulars of paper and how it impacts us all.

Closed Loop

Weights 75 lb. Text; 95 lb. Cover

Sheet Sizes 11 x 8½; 23 x 35; 25 x 38; 26 x 40

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Beluga (white), Hemlock (green), Rose (red), Tamarack (yellow), Dolphin (blue), Ash (gray)

Recycled 100%/50% Post-Consumer Waste

Other Acid-free; Matching Envelopes

Shown on 75 lb. Hemlock Closed Loop Text.


The Chinese Invent Paper

A look at the historical development of paper...

China 105 A.D.: Frustrated at the problems of writing on heavy bamboo strips, the Chinese turned to costly silk. Searching for a better solution, Emperor Ho Ti's court official, Ts'ai Lun got inventive. Using a bizarre concoction of mulberry tree bark, cotton rags, and fish nets combined with water, Ts'ai produced the world's first known pulp. Once dried in the sun, Ts'ai's new creation made for an improved writing surface. For hundreds of years, papermaking was a carefully guarded secret in China.

Assorted paper trivia..

Bag it:
Paper bags were invented in 1883 by Charles Stilwell of Philadelphia.

Paper Tracks: U.S. papermakers recycle enough paper every day to fill a 15-mile- long train of boxcars.

Pulp Fiction: Paperback books were introduced in 1935 by Penguin Books.

Test your paper terminology. The correct answers are secretly hidden somewhere in this newsletter. No peeking!

A. Bogus

B. Translucent

C. Vellum

1. A paper finish that's toothy and relatively absorbent as well as a grade of uncoated paper that's ivory or natural colored. Sometimes stationery and tracing paper can also be referred to as _____.

2. _____ papers and paperboards are produced primarily from old papers or inferior, low-grade stock in imitation of grades using superior raw materials.

3. Special grades of paper with vitreous properties usually offered in light weights ranging from 17 lb. to 48 lb. in clear and colors are known as _____.

Quotations involving life and paper...

"If someone gave me eight hours to cut down a tree, I would spend six hours sharpening the axe."

Abraham Lincoln


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