In Hawaii, most people have a deep respect for nature and the aina or earth.


Kona Paper follows this respectful tradition by offering a paper actually made from recycled coffee bean bag fiber.


If you care about coffee and the environment, why not let Kona Paper become second nature to you?

Kona Paper History

In the summer of 2009,
St. Louis entrepreneurs
Kelly Stewart and Ted Gast were wondering what they were going to do with a pile of old coffee bean bags.

The story goes that a local coffee company, buried in empty bags, somehow convinced the two business partners to take the roaster's excess bales of burlap bags.

Known by savvy graphic designers throughout the Midwest as the "Ben & Jerry's of Paper," Kelly and Ted had extensive experience creating sustainable specialty papers.

Vintage Rag, Kelly and Ted's eco-friendly cotton paper, is made out of recycled thrift store clothing. Making paper out of burlap bags, however, was quite a different challenge.

After many months conducting numerous experiments, the entire creative team finally perfected Kelly and Ted's ideas by introducing Kona Paper, a true waste stream product. Kona Paper not only makes good ecological sense, but can actually mean more "cents" for your business!