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Like a Strong Dad, This Paper Has Backbone!

Much like the cowboy heroes of yesteryear’s Wild West, today’s dads ride herd over a rugged environment, too. With contemporary outlaws and rustlers abounding, it takes a brave man to stand up for what’s right and protect his kids. Such a dad has to be strong, tough, and durable. Kind of like Dur-O-Tone, the rugged text and cover line.

To protect your business in the new frontier, be sure to have Dur-O-Tone on your side. With its wide range of colors, Dur-O-Tone can help you keep the desperadoes at bay as you boldly blaze new design trails. And thanks to its sturdy stable of weights, you can corral even the orneriest print project and make it a success. So the next time you’re trying to round up some paper, remember to make a stand like dad and saddle up with Dur-O-Tone!


Weights 50, 60, 70 & 80 lb. Text, 80 & 100 lb. Cover

Sheet Sizes 23 x 25, 25 x 38, 26 x 40

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Butcher Blue, Butcher Extra Blue, Butcher Extra White, Butcher Off White, Butcher Orange, Butcher White, Newsprint Aged, Newsprint Extra White, Newsprint White, Packing Brown Wrap, Steel Grey

Recycled 100% w/30% Post-Consumer Waste (Except Butcher Extra White)

Other Acid-Free, Custom Colors/Weights, Inkjet/Laser Compatible, Green Powered Mill (100% Hydroelectric), Matching Envelopes, Made in USA

Shown on 80 lb. Butcher Orange Dur-O-Tone Cover.


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