Johnson Paper

Holographic Rain

Cover All Your Paper Bases With A Real Winner!

Take me out to the print shop, take me out where it’s loud.

Buy me some Strike felt-marked cover, too. I don’t care what color you choose.

With Strike’s print, print, printable surface, it makes running other papers a shame.

And Strike’s line-up of not one, not two, not three colors, but more makes it the best paper today!


Weights 98 lb. Text & 105 lb. Cover

Sheets/Carton Text = 125, Cover = 100

Sheet Size 28-3/8 x 40-1/8

Colors Black (Black Giants), Bright White (Diamond Backs), Green (Green Rangers), Ivory (White Sox), Navy Blue (Blue Jays), Red (Red Devils)

Shown on 105 lb. Ivory (White Sox) Strike Cover.


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