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Meet Betsy: Mother, wife, business owner, and revolutionist. And did we mention she liked to sew flags? Yes, Betsy Ross was quite the patriotic woman during the American Revolution, so much so that the British called her “The Little Rebel.” No taxation without representation for Betsy; she was all about economic freedom!

And if Betsy were still around today, there’s no doubt that she would be a big believer in Reprise, the exciting, new recycled cover line. Like Betsy, Reprise is strong and colorful, perfect for almost any print job. So, heavens to Betsy, don’t use just any old paper! Remember Reprise!


Calipers 12, 17 & 25 pt. Cover

Sheet Sizes 20 x 26, 24 X 36

Sheets/Carton 500 Sheets

Colors Cinnabar, Ginger, Indigo, Kohl, Maize, Moss, Stone, Terra Cotta, Wheat

Recycled 100% with 30% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW)

Other Elemental & Process Chlorine-Free (ECF & PCF), FSC-Certified, Made in USA

Shown on 12 pt. Wheat Reprise Cover.


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