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Deck Plate: When You Need To Take Cover, Hit The Deck!

There's nothing worse than having a design project accidently tripped up by using the wrong paper. It's scary how easily you can lose your step (and future design jobs) simply by being too loose about which papers you choose. So, if you need to get yourself on firmer footing when it comes to board stock, maybe it's time you got on board with Deck Plate.

Deck Plate allows you to hit the deck running with one of the toughest looking papers ever available. If there was ever a paper that had industrial strength written all over it, it's Deck Plate. When it comes to new papers, don't start falling behind. Just be sure to get in step with Deck Plate and you'll be sure to floor the competition!

Deck Plate

Calipers 10 pt. to 48 pt. Board

Sheet Sizes Variable

Sheets/Carton Variable

Color Silver

Other Custom Colors, Custom Weights/Sizes

Shown on 12 pt. SBS C1S Silver Deck Plate Board.


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