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Saranac Cover: To Avoid Any Flack...Just Develop A Knack For Saranac!

Selecting the best paper for a printing job is a lot like a hearty breakfast: it gets things off to a good start. Like a stack of hot pancakes on a chilly winter morning, the right paper stock can energize a project. But on the flip side, a poor paper choice is like burnt toast: nobody wants it. If you want to avoid any indigestion over your next paper selection, simply serve up some Saranac, the new bright cover.

Like a great omelet, Saranac Cover is custom made anyway you want it. And with ten tasteful colors, Saranac is your perfect entree to new business. So, if you're getting flack over which papers you've been choosing lately, just remember to order up some Saranac. Pancakes, anyone?

Saranac Cover

Calipers Variable

Sheet Sizes Variable

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Black, Bold Blue, Bright White, Bright Red, Brilliant Blue, Copper, Cordovan, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Silver

Other Custom Calipers & Colors Available, Recyclable

Shown on 16 pt. Brilliant Blue Saranac Cover.


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