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Holographic: All Dressed Up With A New Century To Go!

Like classic clothing, truly timeless papers come along only once in a while. When you want to dress up your latest printed piece, choose Holographic. It's the fashionable looking paper product of tomorrow available today.

You'll definitely turn heads (and pages) with Holographic paper's clean lines and overall attractiveness. Available in a number of comfortable sizes and popular patterns to fit almost any design, Holographic paper lets you make the kind of bold fashion statement that your clients won't forget. For sensible style that will give your print projects long lasting appeal, make this millennium more memorable with Holographic.


Weights 10 pt. Cover, 12 pt. Cover

Sheet Sizes 19 x 27 ½, 20 x 40

Sheets/Carton Variable

Color Silver

Other Assorted Diffractional Patterns, Custom Colors, Custom Images, Custom Weights/Sizes

Shown on 12 pt. Silver Holographic Rainbow Cover.


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