Johnson Paper


The Lovely Paper That Will Make Hearts Atwitter!

Love (ˈluv) n. (Old English lufu)

1. Passionate feelings for one's sweetheart that often is celebrated on Valentine's Day.

2. The actual special someone whose heart should go pitter patter when they receive all those lovey dovey expressions of affection like cards, chocolates, and flowers on February 14.

3. A strong fondness for someone or something: Glitter is the paper that I love the most not only for lovely holidays like Valentine's Day, but any day when a print project needs a little sparkle!


Weight 65 lb. Cover

Sheet Size 8-1/2 x 11, 23 x 35

Sheets/Carton 50 Sheets

Colors Black, Blue, Green, Red


Other Acid-Free, Laser & Inkjet Compatible, Lignin-Free, Made in USA

Shown on 65 lb. Red Glitter Cover.


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