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Acrylic Foil: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, This Paper's Pink, But There Are More Colors, Too!

When absence makes the heart grow fonder, nothing says romance better than a Valentine's Day card or love letter. But if you're absent minded about which paper stock you select, your next print project may be headed straight for the Lonely Hearts Club.

To avoid a broken heart, you need a sweetheart of a paper like Acrylic Foil.

Pretty in pink as well as any custom color your heart desires, Acrylic Foil looks lovely no matter what weight you choose. So, the next time love is in the air, take the time to make your designs divine with Acrylic Foil!

Acrylic Foil

Weights 30 lb. Bond to 30 pt. Board

Sheet Sizes Variable

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Custom Colors Available

Shown on 12 pt. SBS C1S Bright Acrylic Magenta Foil.


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