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Design Success May Just Be Just A Stone’s Throw Away With This Glam Paper!

When it comes to selecting the right paper, even the most well planned print projects can get off to a rocky start. Your client may want to make some “small” changes to the already approved text or worse yet, the client starts thinking of a “minor” design makeover right before press time. But no matter how rocky your road to design excellence may be, you’ll always have the dependable cornerstone you need with Flagstone cover.

Thanks to Flagstone’s rugged finish, almost all of your future print projects will have a solid foundation of paper. And with seven earthy colors, Flagstone offers you a naturally beautiful, yet durable cover stock. So when you’re building on your next design success, be sure not to leave any stone unturned, especially one like Flagstone!


Weight 73 lb. Cover

Sheet Size 43 x 31

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Ash, Charcoal, Clay, Earth, Shale, Slate, Stone

Other Ink Jet Compatible

Shown on 73 lb. Ash Flagstone Cover.


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