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Cromática: Interested In Taking A Peek At A Truly Gorgeous Paper?

Imagine being able to see clearly through even the brightest colored paper in a single glance. Finally, true translucent vision can be yours. Is it x-ray vision? Is it an optical illusion? No, it's Cromática! Just open your eyes and look!

With Cromática's tremendous translucency, clear communications is an eye-opening reality. Amazingly, printability isn't compromised in the least. So, for any of your clients who think they may have seen everything,let them gain insight by seeing the visionary Cromática for themselves. Seeing is indeed believing!


Weights 27 lb. & 37 lb. Text, 53 lb. Cover

Sheet Sizes Variable

Sheets/Carton Variable

Colors Absinthe, Azure, Blue, Carmine, Extra White, Indigo, Ivory, Mango, Turquoise,Vermilion,Yellow

Other Matching Envelopes

Shown on 53 lb. Azure and Vermilion Cromática Cover.


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