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Colored Labels:
Stickers A-Go-Go, Baby!

When plain old white labels fail to make the scene, don't pussyfoot around: use Colored Labels, the marvelously mod die-cut label stock.

Imagine pressure sensitive labels bursting with color and getting lots of looks thanks to your smashing sense of style. Your floppy disk, video cassette, and mailing labels will never be the same with these groovy stickers. For fabulous fluorescents or brilliant, knock-your-boots-off colors, Colored Labels are the only way to go-go!

Colored Labels

Label Shapes: Audio Cassette, Bursts, Circles, Mailings, Ovals, Rectangles, Squares, VHS

Label Sizes: Assorted

Labels/Carton: Variable

Face Stocks: Acetates, Badge, Brown Kraft, Colored Offsets,Fluorescents, Foils, Pastels,Parchments, White

Other: Laser Compatible, Recycled (Select Stocks)

Shown on 100 lb. Bright Yellow Exact Index.


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