Johnson Paper

Stained Glass

The Paper That Shines Like The Most Beautiful Windows Of All Time!

Ever since stained glass was first used in the eleventh century to grace the windows of the Cathedral of Augsburg, Germany, people have been captivated by the magnificent splendor and exquisite beauty of the colorful glass. Today, graphic designers can create their own glass-like printed masterpieces thanks to Stained Glass, the new sparkling cover stock.

Like its namesake, Stained Glass truly brightens any design. With its unique holographic film coating, Stained Glass provides an infusion of reflective light that adds sparkle to any printed piece. So when you want your next design project to really glisten, be sure to add some shine of the Stained Glass kind!

Stained Glass

Weight 12 pt. Cover

Sheet Size 28 x 40

Sheets/Carton 100 Sheets

Color Silver

Other Custom Colors, Sizes & Weights

Shown on 12 pt. Silver C1S Stained Glass Holographic Cover.


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