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Golf Cover: Fore Paper Performance, It Simply Can't Be Beat!

Any way you slice it, graphic design competition is rough these days. Puttering around trying to find just the right paper is the last thing a designer needs. With ever present business hazards constantly threatening to keep you off the course of design success, you need a powerful paper like Golf Cover to win over more clients.

Getting a grip on a film laminated paper stock like Golf Cover is one of the best ways to swing new print jobs your way. So, if you find yourself stuck in the same old trap with under-performing papers, be sure to iron out your past paper problems the easy way. Just remember to improve your score by selecting a championship stock like Golf Cover!

Golf Cover Discontinued

Caliper 15 pt.

Sheet Size 35 x 23

Sheets/Carton 250

Color White

Other Custom Colors

Shown on 15 pt. White Golf Cover.


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