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Old Money: Eliminate Those Taxing Paper Decisions!

Does choosing paper seem a bit taxing? Perhaps it's time to review your paper process and simplify things. Just divest yourself of worthless paper stocks and stick with Old Money, the recycled text and cover line made of actual U.S. currency waste material.

Now you can easily invest in a paper that gives you real value for your money.

If you're still dependent on the same paper stocks, you could be liable for withholding valuable design success from yourself. Imagine increasing your income simply by deducting underperforming stocks. Simply remember to budget your paper dollars towards Old Money and you'll always be in the money!

Old Money

Weights 24 lb. Writing, 80 lb. Text, 90 lb. Cover

Sheet Sizes 8-1/2 x 11, 35 x 23, 25 x 38, 26 x 40

Sheets/Carton Variable

Color Mint

Recycled 100% (30% Post-Consumer Waste)

Other Matching Envelopes, Process Chlorine-Free

Shown on 90 lb. Mint Old Money Cover.


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